No Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7

This last week has been full of people complaining about Apple removing the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

So. many. people. complaining.

Now without advocating the move, here's why I don't think the removal of the headphone jack is that big of a deal.

  1. The vast majority of iPhone users I see are using the stock iPhone earbuds, so who cares how they plug into their phones as long as it works?

  2. Apple is including a 3.5mm-to-lightening adapter with every iPhone 7. Yes adapters suck, but this one is small and will be something you connect to your headphones once and rarely remove.

The only potential snag is that you can no longer charge and listen to your phone at the same time. While this will be a problem for people driving cars without bluetooth, that segment is steadily decreasing year over year. Bluetooth is becoming more prominent, more reliable, and more energy efficient.

Apple may have removed the headphone jack earlier than they should have, but they have a great track record of abandoning technologies at the right time (Flash, CD drives). I don't know about you, but I'm less upset and more curious. Let's see how this plays out as iPhones start getting in the hands of consumers. Until then, let's all take a collective deep breath.